Changes in the mailling list automatically removing bounced subsc

From: David John Marotta (
Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 13:39:08 EST

As many of you on this mailling list know, I have automated removing people
because of bounced mail messages. In the past this has erred on the side of
removing people rather than keeping people on. I am still finding the balance
between my time administrating four lists (the largest of which has over 800
people) and subscribers annoyance at being dropped and having to resubscribe.

The "threshold" for considering that I have found the offending subscriber has
recently been changed from 500 to 800 (this is an arbitrary match number).
Most of the subscriptions match well over 1000 and have correctly unsubscribed
the offending email. A recent flurry of 594 point "matches" nearly
unsubscribed everyone on one list with a compuserve id! This has caused me to
reconsider the algorythm and raise the threshold to 800.

A second change is that I can now forward the offending message back to the
removed subscriber so that you can automatically see what caused you to be
unsubscribed. PLEASE be considerate if a bounced message from someone totally
unlike your own id caused you to be unsubscribed. What seems obvious to you
and me is very difficult to program into a computer since there are well over
500 common ways of reporting bounced mail messages.

Finally please note that if you are unsubscribed you will receive three (3)
count them threee messages telling you that you have been unsubscribed EVEN IF
YOU RESUBSCRIBE after the firsrt notification you will still receive two
additional messages. This dos not mean that you have been unsubscribed again,
It just means I wanted to make sure that you knew that you have been

Thanks for being part of these mailing lists, I will continue to try
and track down what is going wrong if you are unsubscribed, but I hope
this will eliminate the false unsubscriptions and give you the tools
to determine if there is an error in the automatic process.

Thanks again,

David John Marotta, Medical Center Computing, Stacey Hall
Univ of Virginia (804) 982-3718 wrk INTERNET:
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