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Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 19:36:32 EST wrote:
> Could someone help Bill out here?

> Could you give me a thumbnail idea of the value/usefulness/etc. of the
> following Greek texts:
> 1881 Westcott Hort Greek TextThis is one of the first and best of the eclectic critical texts of the New Testament. Of the three
alternatives you presented, this should be the best. This is sort of the
"great-grandfather" of our present
Aland/Nestle and UBS Greek texts. A 26th edition or later of the N-A or
third edition of the UBS would be
better still, and are available for $30-40.
> 1991 Byzantine Majority Greek TextThis question will stir up controversy no matter how one answers it. A large majority of New
scholars considers the "Byzantine text" tradition to be later ( and thus
further removed from the original)
than the texts represented by Codex Vaticanis and Codex Sinaiticus and
others. However, a vocal minority,
especially those who are theologically conservative, prefer the
Byzantine text. This is more reflective of
the texts underlying the original King James Version.
> 1550 Stephanus Greek TextThis was one of the earliest efforts to produce a critical edition. I would be this from you if I could
afford it. It is most valuable for its historical value; it is not
especially valuable for the contemporary
practice of textual criticism.
> Just an idea about accuracy or how each one might be used would be helpful.

Accuracy is a somewhat unnatural term to use in reference to textual
criticism; usually we speak of being
closer to the original manuscripts. See the references above.

Hope this helps!

Cal Redmond
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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