Re: gender norming translations

From: A. Brent Hudson (
Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 14:46:03 EST

Tod M Kennedy wrote:
> A. Brent Hudson wrote ""the righteous _man_ shall live..." is undesirably
> male-oriented."

This is actually a quotation from Don Wilkins. I never said this. If not
for academic integrity then for Christian charity, please quote people
correctly. My words were "hardly justifiable" (i.e. inconsistent - an
analytical term not emotive). I base this on the NASB's translation of TWi
PISTEUONTI in 1:16. If the NASB can be neutral in one instance why not the
other? What translation principle is at work in that can explain TWi
PISTEUONTI of 1:16 and hO DIKAIOS of 1:17b being gendered differently? Is
this a taboo question on B-GREEK?

Brent Hudson

A. Brent Hudson
Hamilton, ON, 
At McMaster University

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