From: Dwight Nelson (
Date: Tue Apr 09 1996 - 11:08:56 EDT

Mario, I would tend to go with the second meaning stated in Bauer (specif.
fish) which refers to Numbers 11:22 "...all the fish of the sea". Bauer does
not state this to be the case, but I would figure this reference is to the
LXX which I have found to be the first line of influence on NT Greek usage
which tends to use diminutives in a more general sense. I don't have a copy
of the LXX handy, but the JPSA translation confirms the Numbers passage to
be as stated above. However, the use of the diminutive for the fish in the
net is perhaps indicative of the fact of all the fish in the net being
little fish, rather than Jesus telling the disciples to retrieve only the
little fish, but I'm not quite sure how far I would apply the analogy.
Dwight Nelson

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