Joke of the Week

Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 11:15:55 EDT

The following was given to me by our postmaster, because I have been
receiving a lot of chain letters. She thought I might want to share it with
all of you. So, here it is!

Appropriate for this time of year.


A little boy wanted $100 badly and prayed for two weeks but nothing happened.
 Then he decided to write God a letter requesting the $100.
When the Postal authorities received the letter addressed "God USA" they
decided to send the letter to President Clinton.
The President was so impressed, touched and amused that he instructed his
secretary to send the little boy $5. Clinton thought this would appear to be
a lot of money to the little boy.
In fact, the little boy was delighted with the $5. He immediately sat down
to write a thank you note to God. It read:
Dear God,
Thank you very much for sending me the money. However, I noticed that for
some reason you had to send it through Washington and, as usual, those jerks
deducted $95!

The Bugle, St Louis

Doug Jantz
Winona, MO

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