Maurice Robinson on bgreek

From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Sun Apr 14 1996 - 02:59:32 EDT

Imagine my shock when I read a message supposedly to me from
Paul Miller, which I never received, but was posted to bgreek.
After reading Paul's explanation of what happened (someone sent
it to bgreek using Paul's name and supposedly sending it to me;
I guess in order to embarass both of us and Carlton as well).
Anyone want to fess up to this ???? Pretty sad state of affairs,
huh ?! Are we going to have to confirm everything we read from
Carl Conrad by sending him a personal message asking him if he
sent it ?? We'll probably have to use some secret password to
make sure the confirmation from him actually came from him !?!

Someone else asked if Maurice is on bgreek, and the answer is no,
he is not. The only way that he knew about this was that Carlton
had the courage to send it to him along with an apology (that
tells you what kind of a person Carlton really is, in case some
of you were wondering...he didn't have to do that). Maurice can
be read, frequently on the TC forum; if you want to email him,
his address is: You can probably
figure out from his posts there what kind of a person he is, if
its of interest to any of you.

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