Levitas levitatum et omnia levitas

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 11 1996 - 19:04:01 EDT

As one who has been known to forward some light-weight stuff to this list,
I should hardly complain about it. Indeed, when I first saw that glaring
subject header (I DON'T WANT ...) I thought it was probably about the
spamming that continues apace over magazine subscriptions, something that
cannot be stopped very well without a moderated list, but no, it was an
extraordinarily intolerant blast. It certainly wasn't the sort of thing I
was looking to read after being away for a few days attending to the burial
of a father-in-law. And at the same time I got another personal piece of
inflammatory mail with some judgmental comments on my web pages by a person
who was offended as a "Christian" by them.
Well, I'm convinced that one of the things it takes to make the world go
round and to make a discussion group congenial--which it must be, if it is
going to be helpful to those who participate--is a healthy sense of humor,
a large part of which, IMHO, is a sense of the discrepancy between what we
profess and the way we behave.

Enough. Anyone for Greek NT?

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