paroikia and phobos in 1 Peter 1:17

From: Jim Stamper (
Date: Tue Apr 16 1996 - 10:33:29 EDT

In translating 1 Peter 1:17 there are several possible
interpretations/translations of paroikia. It can be cultural: "God's elect"
as aliens in a pagan society; temporal: "God's elect" whose "home" is
heaven, eternity, or the hereafter, living in time, chronos; or ambiguous:
"God's elect" on their pilgrimage. [The third is Tyndale's, and my personal
preference so far.]

I wonder what you scholars make of the possibilities here for paroikia. I
have the LXX, of course, but no ready access to patristic lit. in Greek. I
wonder if the translation should be closer to LXX usage or if "later" Greek
is more appropriate.

As a corolary, phobos can be rendered as behavior: reverent conduct; or as
attitude/emotion: awe, fear etc.

I would be interested to see how you folks render this.


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