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Date: Tue Apr 16 1996 - 19:19:42 EDT

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>I will be reading through Matthew's Gospel this summer and I am looking for
>a commentary that deals with the Greek text. I think something in the order
>of Cranfield on Mark (or Romans) would be best, but any suggestions would be

Don't overlook D. A. Carson's vol. on Matthew in the _Expositor's Bible
Comm._ set (ed. Gaebelein; Zondervan Pub.). At about 600 pgs., it's quite
substantial. Although the exposition is slanted to an English reader, each
section is followed by an "additional notes" section that contains fairly
detailed discussions of the Greek text as well. It is not intended to be
the same approach as either the Word or ICC series, but it is a very
thoughtful treatment that repays one's attention.


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