Forward: Virus

Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 16:10:08 EDT

This note was sent to me by the provider of our church email service, Sigma
Ministries. I know nothing else about it, as to whether or not it is real. I
assume it is because of the source that sent it to me.


(cc: elam.mark,Bell.Buddy,WCC,murchison.phil,richards.clift,Youth.and.Co)

WARNING!!!!! Read the following and take note for those of you who access

the WWW and ftp sites. . . BEWARE!!! Notify your friends and family and

total strangers too!!! We don't want to deal with anything like this


         A NEW Trojan Horse Virus has emerged on the internet with the name

         PKZIP300.ZIP, so named as to give the impression that this file is

         a new version of the PKZIP software used to "ZIP" (compress) files.

         DO NOT DOWNLOAD this file under any circumstances!!! If you install

         or expand this file, the virus WILL wipe your hard disk clean and

         affect modems at 14.4 and higher. This is an extremely destructive

         virus and there is NOT yet a way of cleaning up this one.

Doug Jantz
Winona, MO

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