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Date: Tue Apr 16 1996 - 19:19:35 EDT

>awaiting Daniel Wallace's BEYOND THE BASICS intermediate grammar, the
>next grammar book in the William Mounce series by Zondervan. This should be
>out in May, almost a year after it was first expected to be released. (We
>were going to use it this year, but publication was delayed.) Dallas
>Theological Seminary students have been working with draft copies of the
>first half of the book (Daniel Wallace teaches at DTS, I understand) -- maybe
>some of them who are on this list could comment.

Not a student at DTS, but I was able to use the proofs of Wallace's grammar
when teaching 2d year syntax last year while on sabbatical in Minneapolis.
I think you will find it a very helpful reference. I do not necess. recom.
it as a textbook due to its size. I have found Young's grammar better
suited for classroom use, but will def. add Wallace as a recom.
text/resource. It is esp. good at providing numerous examples--not just
cited, but discussed, some in considerable detail. There are several pages,
e.g., discussing the use of the article (or lack of it) in John 1:1. Some
may object to the evangelical theology reflected in some of these
discussions* (personally, I find it helpful), but at least he shows how the
grammar is significant for exegesis. For those working "in the trenches"
(i.e., in ministry) rather than in the "tower," I think Wallace will be the
most they need if supported with Young's _Intermed. NT Greek_ and Porter's
_Idioms of the Greek NT_ (Sheffield). BDF, MHT, and even Robertson,
although essential for the scholar and teacher, are pretty heavy going for
most students and pastors. Wallace is not the typical intermed. gramm.;
Zondervan had to raise the price due to the final size (I think I remember
hearing that it will be over 600 pgs.! The proofs ran about 500 and one
major section was not included).


(*My reason for this comment is the opinions that have occassionally been
expressed on this list re. Bill Mounce's first yr. text in the same

Rodney J. Decker, Asst. Prof./NT Calvary Theological Seminary Kansas City, MO
As of 7/96: Baptist Bible Seminary (PA)

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