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From: David Sims (
Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 20:38:44 EDT

Dear Doug,

I have lots of thoughts. My first thought on this passage is that too many
people try to make it cultural when Paul makes perfectly clear that it is not

My second thought is that Paul is not necessarily speaking of veils at all.
>akatakaluptos< means "uncovered." It could be referring to veils, but it
could also be referring to any covering of the head. Since the context is
specifically worship, I am not sure "veils" is the appropriate reference,
especially with >peribolaion< which would not be a normal term for "veil."

Dr. Fee's commentary is certainly a good place to start, but I think his
theology gets in the way on occasion.

Dave Sims

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A request from a friend of mine.

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i am currently exegeting 1 corinthians 11:2-16. anyone have any thoughts?


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