BWORKS-L: Listserv to support BibleWorks for Windows

From: Martin Jackson (
Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 21:37:18 EDT

Greetings BibleWorks users!

A listserv is an Internet mailing list. Messages are sent to a central address and
broadcast to all list subscribers. What advantages would there be if there were a
listserv devoted to the discussion of BibleWorks?

As you all know, BibleWorks is a complex and powerful program. The documentation is
excellent for describing the basic functions of the software, but somewhat weak in
terms of overall search strategies and applications. In other words, "Wonderful! I
now know there are n hiphil infinitive absolutes in the Old Testament. Now what do I
do with this knowledge?" This listserv would be an excellent forum for discussing
issues like this.

This listserv would also be a good place for more experienced users to share their
wisdom with newer users. In addition, all users can discuss what they like and what
they don't like about the software. This will enable Hermeneutika to tailor the
product to us, the users.

The listserv exists right now. To subscribe, send a message to with
one of two subject headers: "subscribe" or "subscribe digest." ("Subscribe" sends
you each messaage individually as it is sent to the mail server. "Subscribe digest"
sends you all the day's messages in a single packet. Digests are archived on the
BWORKS-L mail server and will be available for download.) Upon receipt of the
subscription request, the server will send you a copy of the listserv Frequently Asked
Questions (also attached to this email) as well as a list of commands supported by the
mail server.

The listserv will not be used as a theological debate forum. There are other lists
for that. We will restrict our discussion to the use of BibleWorks for Windows, all
versions and all platforms supported (Win 3.1, 95, NT).

Please feel free to distribute this post with anyone you think may be interested in

I look forward to discussing BibleWorks with you. Any questions can be directed to
list manager Martin Jackson, OR

In Christ,

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