aorists and the Magn.

From: Tim McLay (
Date: Tue Apr 23 1996 - 22:38:58 EDT

Sent this yesterday, but didn't pay attention to the address. Seems like
the discussion has dropped in any case.

Carl and Rod have mentioned the connections of the Magnif. with Samuel. I
haven't got Ulrich's work handy, but the LXX Vorlage of Samuel was different
from MT and he argues that Josephus employed a similar text. Therefore, we
should form the question not as "Did Luke use the LXX?" (by that I suppose
is meant the Old Greek), but "did Luke use a Greek text of Samuel?" (and
other books). So, there are the thorny issues of different literary
editions of Samuel to treat before dealing with to what degree Luke quoted
from these sources and/or added to them.

Tim McLay
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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