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Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 15:35:10 EDT

Hello is Kenneth Wright not Kenneth Litwak is Kenneth Litwak

please make note of this problem while he and I try to work it out.

Kenneth L. Wright KD4WNS Masters Student EE @ UVa CSIS SMC project

Kenneth L. Wright KD4WNS Masters Student EE @ UVa CSIS SMC project

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> At 12:52 PM -0600 4/18/96, Kenneth Litwak wrote:
> > According to Philip Esler, PTWXOS is not the word for poor, but the word
> > for beggar, as Koine Greek has perfectly proper words for poor people who
> > nevertheless can get by. I would like to know what others tink of this
> > suggestion? Thanks.
> This is actually a very interesting word; originally it is related to the
> noun PTWX (KS), "hare," "cowering creature" and the old verb PTWSSW,
> meaning something like "go around looking downcast," "slink," "skulk." It
> is the guise that Odysseus first assumes in his own house when he returns
> there after his 20-year absence.
> It might well be that the Jerusalem community adopted this title in the
> sense of "mendicants," and it would well suit the description in the
> so-called "Missionary Instructions" in the Synoptics: the itinerant
> evangelists are to beg for their own subsistence in the villages where they
> go to preach.
> The normal classical Greek word for "poor man" is PENHS; BAGD cites a
> passage from Aristophanes' Plutus thus: PTWXOU BIOS ZHN ESTI MHDEN EXONTA,
> translate this last phrase as "to live stingily and eking out with
> part-time work."
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