RE: poor or beggar

From: A. Brent Hudson (
Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 10:47:10 EDT

> the normal term for "poor" only occurs once in the NT (2 Cor 8:9) and
ptwxos is
> the norm.

Note also this single use is a quotation of Ps 111:9. This makes me to
wonder if this is not one more example of a Classical distinction becoming
blurred in Koine. Edward Hobbs is surely correct about the translators of
the LXX; however, PTWCOS being misused there adds to my point since the
reading and memorizing of such error would inevitably blur the distinction
between PTWCOS and PENHS to the reader.


 A. Brent Hudson
 Ontario, CANADA
 At McMaster University

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