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>Subject: high school Greek (fwd)
>Does anyone on the list have an answer for this lady? RC
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>Subject: high school Greek
>I am submitting this question for a student of mine. He teaches Latin and
>German at a local private high school. Next year some students would like to
>take Greek with him. His training in Latin and Greek are mostly connected to
>his theology degree, so he is not quite up to date on the textbooks that are
>used to teach Greek at the high school level. Can anyone help him out?
>You can respond privately to me and I will get the information to him.
>Tricia Calkins

While it is not a high school textbook, I've used "Greek To Me" by Lyle &
Cullen Story (Harper) for years with astounding success; its entire goal is
to teach student to be able to read/translate the Greek text (it doesn't try
to turn them into advanced grammarians in one semester). Most other Greek
teachers won't use it because it has cartoons (yes, cartoons) in it to help
in the learning process (and they really work). The best thing about the book
is that it comes with vocab cards with pictures/cartoons so that by the end of
the book students have memorized all words which occur 25+ times; and it is
vocabulary which is the major impedement to reading, not advanced grammar. The
cards are available directly from Lyle Story who teaches at Regents Univ, in
Virginia Beach, VA. It has graduated Koine Greek stories at the end of each
chapter, so that by the end of the book the students are reading NT level
Greek. And the cartoons could be used (I certainly never would in the rarified
air of a college-level environment...) to create some interesting and fun
exercises and discussions. My 2 cents.....

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