From: A. Brent Hudson (g9117472@mcmaster.ca)
Date: Sun Apr 21 1996 - 07:38:41 EDT

Marcel CoumontBeisig wrote:

> Quite true, but these arrogant xians are never able to resist the
> to force their theology down everyone else's throat. They are unable to
> realize that there was the Bible long before there was a Jesus.

Unlike Martin's offense (which appears to be without malice) this response
is an inflammatory generalization that is very disturbing. If the word
"xians" were substituted with any other term for a religious adherent (Jews,
Muslims, etc.) it would be considered a completely intolerable statement in
any context.

Moreover, while these words "In Christ" may have been out of place on B-
HEBREW, they were no more so than this response was inappropriate for B-

I hope the list manager admonishes Marcel CoumontBeisig who, with one stroke
, has insulted all Christians who attempt to be sensitive to religious
diversity and embrace religious tolerance as a life-principle.

Brent Hudson

 A. Brent Hudson
 Ontario, CANADA
 At McMaster University 

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