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Date: Sat Apr 27 1996 - 15:49:44 EDT

>From: Eric Weiss <>
>Date: Fri, 26 Apr 96 12:41:44 EDT
>Subject: Re: EN CHRISTWi
>I wouldn't be surprised if the SIL booklet on THE MEANING OF "IN CHRIST" that
>I just gave ordering information for on this list is the published form of
>the journal article that Dale Wheeler described in his post. My copy is at
>home so all I could do was call SIL for title/price/ordering information --
>if it was originally published in "Notes On Translation" I would guess it
>would say so somewhere in the forward or introduction.

That is correct Eric; the version I have was the orginal "Notes..." article by
Clarence Hale. I hasten to add that recommending this item as a resource does
not by any stretch of the imagination mean I endorse all of his conclusions
(or for that matter those of Ridderbos and Ladd); I've gotten some notes to
that effect ?! As I always tell my students, "I don't insist that you think
the same way I do, I just insist that you THINK !"

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