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At 10:29 PM 4/28/96, Mr. Timothy T. Dickens wrote:
>To the recipients of b-Greek:
>The purpose of my message has to do with the understanding of the
>Holy Spirit in the history of the church during the first four
>centuries. I am specifically looking for information that
>illustrates how certain individuals or groups of the church
>understood the PARACLETE or COMFORTER differently than how the
>PARACLETE is described in the gospel of John chapters 14-16.
>The only place thus far I have been able to find is in Eusebius'
>church history, Book V sec., XIV
> Of these some poisonous reptiles crawled over Asia and
> Phyrgia, and boasted that Montanus was the PARACLETE
> (emphasis mine) and that the women of his sect, Priscilla and
> Maximilla, were the prophetesses of Montanus.
>As to other discussions as such in Eusebius or other ancient
>sources, I am not aware of them; thus I am asking the help from the
>pool of biblical scholars who can, at least, point me in the right
>direction to find an answer.
>Sincerely yours
>Tim Dickens
>Smyrna GA 30080

        There is a short article in _Paraclete_ (fall, 1987, vol. 21, #4),
"Worship in the Second Century" by Paul A. Hughes which gives a number of
references to the Didache, Ignatius, Athenagoras and Irenaeus having to do
with charismata active in the second century. The article also contains
footnote references to other works on related subjects.

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