Bible Software for OS/2

From: cbrad (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 07:33:34 EDT

>Does anyone know of any company that produces bible software to run
>under OS/2. After using it for 7 months, I feel that this is a great
>platform for software (overcomes many of WIN95/3.1/3.11's problems).

There is a shareware Bible program written specifically for OS/2 called
Codex. The program is still under development and at this point does not
incorporate the biblical languages. The author is J. Brandon Barnes at
Compuserve 74127,2657. The program is available at this website:

I run BibleWorks for Windows (v. 2.3) under OS/2 in a WIN-OS/2 session
without difficulty. I is not difficult to cut and paste or to import file
information including fonts from BWW into native OS/2 programs [or into
DOS for that matter]. Regards,
Charles Bradley
Hopewell Presbyterian Church

"Let Thy works praise Thee, that we may love Thee; and let us love Thee,
that Thy works may praise Thee." Aurelius Augustine

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