Re: Q: "New Testament Greek Manuscripts" [was: Sinaiaticus]

Date: Thu May 02 1996 - 12:35:25 EDT

dear Lynn,
      i bought the four volumes from BIBAL Press, P.O. Box 821653, N.
Richland Hills, TX 76182 (tel. 817-788-2280, voice or fax) for total sum of
      they are soft-cover greek versions of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and
are easy to use and a big help for detailed research. A typical page has two
or three verses on it, with about eight to fifteen rows of slightly varying
greek text ending on the right with the codices and papyri witnesses, top
rows usually being B aleph, and the papyri. The author, Reuben J. Swanson,
has printed the full text of Vaticanus as his exemplar (top row). In the
footnotes on the same page, there will be some references to citations in the
fathers, though there seems only to be (1), Clement of Alexandria. Also, he
neglects to give information on the early translations.
   i use my copies a lot. The Greek font is black and easy to read. The
soft-cover volumes lie open beautifully. I still use my Aland but with these
four volumes spread out around me like the four corners of the globe.

    richard arthur, Merrimack, NH

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