Re: A certain LXX's interpolation

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 11:31:53 EDT

I recall reading this ("The Lord rules from the tree") in Justin Martyr's
Dialogue with Trypho. I remember that I couldn't find this in the LXX (at
least not in my Lance Breton edition) and I don't think ANYONE has found this
citation in the LXX anywhere. When I friend brought this up for discussion
(he had a little book of Christian arguments which cited this verse/statement
and inaccurately regarded Justin Martyr's statement that this phrase had been
deleted/changed by the Jews as factual), I said that if this verse were found
in the DSS Psalms, there might be some credibility to it. I don't remember
what Psalm this was (again, check Dialogue with Trypho and you'll find it),
but I later saw a book on the Psalms scrolls from the DSS and unfortunately
the Psalm Justin Martyr was claiming had this verse was not in the

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