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Date: Sat May 04 1996 - 13:39:55 EDT

>From: Kenneth Litwak <>
>Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 08:02:55 -0700
>Subject: Help needed for Hatch-Redpath
> I'm working on a project that requires a lot of consultation in
>Last night I was looking up AGALLIASQAI, and found 8 Hebrew words listed which
>this Greek verb renders. However, in the actual verses listed, I coudn't find
>an 8 anywhere. Does this mean Hatch and Redpath messed up in assigning numbers
>or am I missing something? I'm interested because it would be very useful to
>know where, if anywhere, AGALLIAW renders the Hebrew word SaMaCh (rejoice)
in my
>paper. Is there any way tofind out where this would be short of repeating all
>the word Hatch and Redpath did, spending hours looking up LXX references
and then
>looking in BHS to see the Hebrew behind them? Thanks.
> Thanks to those who responded to my question about Hatch and Redpath.
At least
>I'm sure now it wasn't my eyesight that was the problem, but it sure would have
>helped my paper if SaMaCh was rendered by AGALLIAW in the LXX. Oh well. I
>some times not even grunt work pays off.


You need to get into the 20th Century :-)

This was an easy one to find; I did it using the GRAMCORD Institute's DOS Bible
Program BibleWord (Search for &MX; change text to LXX, Search for *AGALLI*;
which uses a MT to LXX lineup table that I did for the program.

I won't guarantee everyone of these references is correct (some no doubt have
compound forms of AGALLIAW) since I didn't check out everyone...I didn't want to
spoil your fun !!!! BTW, if you were specifically looking for the Pres M/P Inf
form AGALLIASQAI, that doesn't occur (I couldn't tell from your post whether you
wanted all the forms or just that one; since I don't have H&R at home I
wasn't sure
if they listed the form as M/P or if that was the form you wanted).

LXX reference first, MT in parentheses:

2 Sam 1:20; 1Chron 16:31; Ps 5:12; 9:3; 13:7(14:7); 15:9(16:9); 30:8(31:8);
(32:11); 34:27(35:27); 39:17(40:17); 47:12(48:12); 52:7(53:7); 66:5(67:5); 67:4
(68:4); 69:5(70:5); 89:14(90:14); 91:5(92:5); 95:11(96:11); 96:1(97:1);
117:24(118:24); 149:2; Song 1:4; Isa 25:9

Hope this helps...

PS: I'll avoid any remarks about your eyesight :-)

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