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Date: Sun May 05 1996 - 09:02:45 EDT

>IMHO, Paul, in Galatians, was responding against rivals who had used text
>from Jeremiah as part of their persuasive presentation. The rival's framed
>the question as between the authority of the God-proclaimed
>Prophet to the Gentiles (Jer 1:5) as opposed to [what they would have
>referred to as] the mere opinion of the self-proclaimed Apostle to the
>Gentiles. The text with probative value for the purpose being the LXX of
>Jer 12:14-17.

SEE Karl Olav Sanders, Paul--One of the Prophets? (WUNT 2.43) 1991.
He has a very good discussion of EK KOILIAS MHTROS in the
self-understanding of Jer and Paul.

Shaughn Daniel
Tuebingen, Germany

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