Re: Phallogocentrism

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue May 07 1996 - 07:26:15 EDT

At 6:15 AM -0500 5/7/96, Shaughn Daniel wrote:
>X-Message: This post is perhaps beyond b-greek's immediate concerns, but
>not the interests of some of its subscribers, so ignore it or read it as
>you deem appropriate.

Hey, Shaughn, I'm sorry I brought up the word, but I thought it would help
explain my real concern, the proper classification of the VOICE system in
Greek.I thought I could allude to the theory described by that awful word
in an amusing way but it was misunderstood or quickly deleted. I had an
offlist note from Will Wagers suggesting that it was no accident that I got
bumped off of the list on Sunday. Well, the fact is that I got bumped again
yesterday and so have had to resubscribe TWICE in less than 24 hours. I
would like to think that the real reason is that undergrads currently
taking exams are letting their mail clog up the incoming server to the
point that it bounces anything new, but Will just may be right about this
and my getting bumped off the list was NOT a fluke. However, after your
last response, you may get a bounce or two of your own. Hold your hat on!
So wos unverschaemt!

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