New books from Israel

From: Oren Mass (
Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 12:06:09 EDT

As exporters of all Israeli books and periodicals to libraries all over the
world, we would be glad to add you to our e-mail mailing list, upon your
request. We provide a bi-monthly list of all new books from Israel, and will
be happy to have you among our clients. We have those lists also on paper
form, which can also be sent by airmail, upon your request (free).
The catalog is categorized by subjects, so you can easily find your needs.
If you have any special requests, please e-mail.

Awiting your e-mail at
Sincerely, Oren mass.
Rubin Mass Ltd., POBox 990, Jerusalem 91009, Israel. E-Mail:
RUBIN MASS Ltd., Publishers and Booksellers
  (Exporters of all Israli books and Periodicals)
Attn. Mr. Oren Mass
POBox 990
Jerusalem 91009


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