Galatians commentary

From: James Kuiper (
Date: Wed May 08 1996 - 12:48:56 EDT

Doug Jantz asks...

> Friends,
> What books in your esteemed opinions are the best for the study of Galatians?

There are a bunch.

Bruce - NIGTC. He ably defends the South Galatian theory and early authorship.
Burton - ICC
Betz - Hermeneia
Fung - NICNT

     These four above are more meaty.

Cole - Tyndale. Shorter, but helpful.
Guthrie - NCB. Good intro.
MacArthur - MacArthur NTC. Makes sure you don't miss the forest because of
            the trees.
Boice - Expositor's NTC. Very practical. Same comment as applies to MacArthur.
Lightfoot - a classic.

I am just finishing teaching a small group on Galatians and used several
of the above.

James Kuiper
Rochester, Minn

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