new "Living" translation?

Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 17:29:19 EDT

  Just when you thought we had too many translations of the Bible....

  I just ran across an advertisement for a new translation called the _New
Living Translation_. Its a reworking of Kenneth Taylor's _The Living Bible_
 paraphrase by 90 conservative scholars and Bible college professors.

  While I strongly *dis* the Living Bible, there are still folks I know that
bring it to Bible study and read it from the lecturn <gasp>. This new
translation may be an acceptable alternative to the Living Bible paraphrase
that I could recommend to those hard core Living Bible enthusiasts. While it
probably retains a lot of its Baptist theology, hopefully it reflects the
original languages and truncates the interpretive expansions taylor
introduced into the text.

   Anyone come across this translation yet?

Tim Staker, pastor
Poseyville Christian Church
Poseyville, IN USA

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