Re: Greek To Me

From: Wes C. Williams (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 09:04:05 EDT

>Someone forwarded to me your comments about Greek To Me and I called CBD to
>order a copy but they do not stock it. Do you have the author/publisher's
>name? I'd like to take a look. A local church has asked me to advise their
>adult ed committee about how to put a Greek NT program together.
>Ken Share

Learning New Testament Greek through Memory Visualization

J. Lyle Story
Cullen I K Story

Harper & Row, Publishers 1979
San Francisco

Just a note: I used this book as a supplemental resource while learning greek
in the late 1980's. I found it help me pass tests in memorizing conjugations of
verbs, but little help in reading greek.


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