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Bruce Terry wrote;
>I think the confusion here is due to the fact that there are competing systems
>of description of conditional sentences. One of the areas of disagreement is
>about whether the first class conditional sentence implies reality like the
>second class implies unreality (irrealis). From my own study in 1 Corinthians
>I have come to the conclusion that it is helpful to adopt the Prague school
>concept of markedness and say that the first class conditional sentence is
>semantically unmarked. Since the other classes are marked (2nd=unreality;
>3rd=hypothetical; 4th=potential [?]) for something other than reality, the
>Greek speaker who wished to express reality had to use the first class
>conditional sentence; but since the first class is unmarked, it does not in
>itself imply reality. Occasionally the first class implies unreality or a
>hypothetical condition as well.
I would generally agree with Bruce concerning what we have become
accustomed to calling a first class condition. There are times when it
shows unreality in the mind of the speaker, eg. Luke 4:3 "If you are the
Son of God . . . " Mt. 27:33. But it might be argued that the unreality
is true in the speaker's thinking hence the construction. An eg. of a
hypothetical situation might be Mt. 26:33 "If all take offense at you . .
." Does he use this structure because it is extremely unlikely to become

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