Re: Finite verbs

Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 10:39:45 EDT

Marion Fox here:

I have asked several questions about finite verbs and two persons responded
to my questions. I am grateful to those who responded to my questions. I
should like to trouble you some more on this subject.

In Romans 8:27 the subject of the sentence is HO. . .EREUNON. . .(The one
searching) is it not?

The finite verb OIDE (He knows) is something the subject is doing is it
not? By this I mean is the subject of this finite verb "The one searching"
the hearts?

Question: What is the subject of the finite verb ENTUGCHANEI (He makes
intercession-verse 27)? What rule of grammar/syntax have you used to
determine the subject of this verb?

Question: Is there a difference between ENTUGCHANEI HUPER (He makes
intercession in behalf of-verse 27) and HUPERENTUGCHANEI (He makes
intercession in behalf - verse 26)?

It would be helpful if a list of standardized transliteration would be
published on B-GREEK. I hope I have used the standard form for B-GREEK.

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