Hatch & Redpath

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 Edward Hobbs <EHOBBS@wellesley.edu> on
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 Hatch & Redpath

>> Hatch & Redpath's Concordance to the LXX was (re-)published during the
1950's in Graz, Austria, by the Academic Press (English translation), in 2
volumes, a photocopy of the 1890's original 3 volumes.

It was available a couple of years ago (and may still be) by ordering from
one of the big German booksellers. <<

My copy was published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1987,
-- and had its fourth printing in 1989, so with that printing history there
is probably a good chance that it is still available.

For the original enquirer, the ISBN of: 0-8010-4270-4 should make it easy
for his New Zealand bookshop to trace it.


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