Naming a detective division

Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 20:49:28 EDT

I have a unique request. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department,
detective division has approached me to ask if I could come up with a phrase
in Greek that they could title a unit's project.

This project is titled DIRC: Detective Information Resource Center. Their
job is to do investigations for many other crime units. They search for
locations, criminal records, crime patterns, etc. for other units. They have
access to some of the most sophisticated computer resource systems that exist
to do their research. Their main goal is to assist other detective units put
bad guys in jail by doing research via computer databases.

Given this initial description, I wanted to ask if any of you could come up
with a Greek phrase that would be catchy to put with the DIRC name. They are
looking for something catchy with a meaning pointing to their work, similar
to the E. PLURIBUS UNUM on the U.S. coin. They want others who see it to
ask them what it means and then they would tell them it means something.
 Could you help me produce a little two to four word phrase in Greek?

I asked them if they could produce a phrase and then give it to me to
translate into Greek, but they wanted me to try to come up with something

Thanks all,

Jim McGuire

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