Re: Naming a detective division

From: Rod Bias (
Date: Mon May 20 1996 - 12:30:15 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> While admittedly it is fun to play around with versions of such things,
> does anyone ever find such requests annoying, as I do, on grounds that
> somebody wants to make a nice impression and show off a bit of erudition
> that they don't have. Where mottoes are a matter of tradition deriving from
> an era when people COULD read Greek and Latin, but I've gotten to the point
> that I have started charging fees for this sort of sham cleverness.


        Why not? Recently, here at Arizona State University, an off-campus
organization was paid over $30,000 for a stylized logo with fancy letters
saying ASU. Yes, we have a graphics department on campus that teaches how to
design logos. Yes, we could have had a student contest. But someone decided to
pay a "professional" a year's salary (two years' salary for some unfortunates)
to write ASU on a sheet of paper and embellish it a little.

        If you can get $1000 or $10,000 or $100,000 for a motto in Greek, why
not? In business they euphemize it as "value added."


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