Re: Bob Erck?

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Fri May 24 1996 - 17:12:40 EDT

At 1:34 PM 5/24/96, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>At 10:29 AM -0500 5/24/96, Nichael Cramer wrote:
>> Am I the only one getting "vacation" mail messages (i.e. "I am out of
>> town this week...") from
>> > Bob Erck <>
>> I've received five in the last five minutes, all from messages to B-Greek
>> (some about a week old).
>> Does anybody know "Bob" (or maybe his sys-admin) and can ping them to fix
>> this. Otherwise B-Greek is not going to be much fun for the week or so
>> while "Bob" is out of town.
>> Nichael
>No, I just deleted five myself from the last week. I think his real name
>must be IRK, not Erck. One smart enough to set up an automatic mail
>answering system ought to be smart enough to filter out messages from
>Listservs from personal messages. No doubt we'll have the same automatic
>replies to these also!

I just got an apologetic note from Bob; he has since disabled his
vacation-mail software.

Glad we caught him before he left. ;-)

Nichael __ Be as passersby -- IC

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