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>Date: 96-05-23 09:21:18 EDT
>From: (Carlton L. Winbery)
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>Rod Rogers wrote;
>>I was wondering if you could give me some advice on translating "for the
>>remission of sins". I have run up against a pastor that has challenged me
on "baptism for the remission of sins". I don't have a problem "proving"
that justification is
>>by faith or that we are saved "by grace through faith". I was just
>>wondering if you knew of any grammatical reasons why baptism is not "for"
>>the remission of sins in the sense that baptismal regenerationists hold.
Carlton Winberry responded:
>See the article by Frank Stagg in the March issue of Journal of Biblical
>Lit. 1951. He argued that the construction EIS AFESIN was causal and
>compared it with EIS TO KHRUGMA IWNA of Matt. 12:41. Very convenient for
 Don Partain here:

In Matt.12:41 EIS carries the meaning of "at, in the face of" (Bauer). It
does not state cause, but simply portrays the people of Nineveh as coming
face to face with the preaching of Jonah--as being confronted with his
preaching. Of course, repentance was their response to having been
confronted with this preaching. But EIS does not deal with this
response--only with the confrontation.

DIA, not EIS, means "because of" or "on account of." "And many more believed
because of (DIA) His word" (John 4:41).

Perhaps the clearest way to demonstrate that EIS APHESIN does indeed mean "in
order to obtain the forgiveness of sins" is to see its usage in
Matt.26:28:"for this is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for
many for forgiveness of sins (EIS APHESIN)." Did Jesus mean to say that He
shed His blood in order to forgive our sins--or that He shed His blood
because our sins were already forgiven? Even so, "let each of you be
baptized in the name of Jesus Christ EIS APHESIN..." (Acts 2:38).

Don Partain
1316 Murray
Missoula, MT 59802

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