Re: baptism and forgiveness with EIS

From: Arlie D. Rauch (
Date: Thu May 30 1996 - 00:06:23 EDT

Some have written in favor of the necessity of baptism for salvation, and
some have disagreed.

I do not think the issue can be decided on the basis of EIS, because the
possible meanings of EIS vary greatly. EIS probably just indicates a
relationship between baptism and salvation. No one denies that there is a
relationship, but the context of the rest of the NT will have to decide the
issue. Peter's audience would have understood this baptism in the name of
Christ (or the triune God) to have the usual, in terms of their
understanding, meaning with regard to salvation.

Now one just has to determine what that understanding was.

Arlie D. Rauch
Community Bible Church

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