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Date: Fri May 31 1996 - 16:11:30 EDT writes on 5/31/96:

> >Thanks again for your time and help. I hope that everyone on the b-greek
> >list takes seriously the ramifications of this discussion. The issue is,
> >Does baptism wash away your sins or does the blood of Christ wash away your
> >sins?
> Or, by such thinking, we could also say the issue is, Does faith (to which
> baptism is integral) save us (Gal.3:24)? Or, instead, are we saved by grace
> (Eph.2:8)? Is it one or the other? Certainly not. We are saved by
> BOTH--but each has a different relationship to our salvation. Christ's blood
> purchased our salvation. And by faith, we appropriate this salvation to
> ourselves (Rom.5:2; I Tim.6:19)--we "lay hold of it." So, baptism does
> indeed "wash away our sins" (Acts 22:16)--but not by providing an atonement
> for sin; this was accomplished by Christ in our behalf.
> And, yes, Rod, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the extreme seriousness of
> the ramifications of this issue. I fear for you, to think you have publicly
> taken a stance in opposition to clear teaching on the Lord's design for
> baptism.

Dear Sir,

If you cannot read and understand and honor this simple notice,

"B-GREEK is an electronic conference designed to foster communication
concerning the scholarly study of the Greek Bible. Anyone interested in New
Testament Studies is invited to subscribe, but the list will assume at
least a working knowledge of Biblical Greek. Those interested in learning
to study the Bible more personally and less exclusively academic should
join the BIBLE list"

how can you possibly hope to do so the Bible ?

Will Reality is the best metaphor.

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