Re: LXX Vocabulary lists

From: Bernard Taylor (
Date: Sat Jun 01 1996 - 18:59:17 EDT

On Sat, 1 Jun 1996, Phil wrote:

> Does anyone know of a vocabulary list for the LXX, similar to Trenchard or
> Metzgar for the NT? My interest is to have the vocab listed by frequency.
> The same sort of thing for Josephus would be interesting too...

No such list exists. The problem is that there is no standard LXX text to
work from. Swete used to fill that role (it was the basis for the Larger
Cambridge LXX), but is now not available. Next in line is Rahlfs, but
there is a reluctance to elevate this text to that level. I know that my
Analytical was based on Rahlfs, but I also know that there is a reluctance
among publishers to go any further along this sort of line at this time.

I expect that nothing will be done until the Goettingen edition is
finished. Fortunately there is a fresh thrust to get it finished. The
only question is whether anyone will be able to afford it when it is

Bernard Taylor

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