Re: Reaching Mr. Dickens

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun Jun 02 1996 - 16:08:45 EDT

At 1:17 PM -0500 6/2/96, Mr. Timothy T. Dickens wrote:
>Dear Friends of G-Greek and B-Hebrew,
>This brief letter is to inform you that I can not be reached via.
>b-greek's or B-hebrew's mailing list. Any attempt to do so will
>only result in your letters being read by those only on the mailing
>list, with the exception of me. If you want to respond to me about
>anything I posted please write me at the above email address

If you are not subscribed to the list, I'm wondering how you're even
getting communications--as well as asking questions about things that
really don't concern the Greek text--to the list. When I've been
temporarily bumped from the list because my mail was out of service for a
few hours, my mail to the list bounced back with a notice that I was not
authorized to send mail to the list as a non-subscriber. Maybe they were
trying to tell me something.

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