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Date: Mon Jun 03 1996 - 21:23:17 EDT

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> Is there any scholarly treatment of the subject of emphasis and greek
> word order that anyone can recommend?

There was a Greek Discourse Seminar here in Dallas in 1992. I think that
some of the papers were culled into a book, but one of the primary
participants was Stephen Levinsohn and his book has been published by the
Summer Institute of Linguistics:

Discourse features of New Testament Greek: A coursebook
Stephen H. Levinsohn In this volume, Levinsohn presents the results of
his study of the Greek New Testament as discourse--study he did "from
the position of descriptive linguistics." He makes the further statement:
"Indeed, I have approached the Greek text just as I would a text in any
other language of the world, using the same principles of discourse
analysis" (7).
1992 222 pp. ISBN: 0-88312-274-X (paper) $9.50 (mf) $16.00 Dallas

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