Re: Tim Dickens and Brother Akbar's dialogues

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue Jun 04 1996 - 07:30:08 EDT

At 11:16 PM -0500 6/3/96, wrote:
>At 10:23 PM 6/2/96 -0400, David L. Moore wrote:
>>Dear list members, listeners and friends,
>> It is with some dismay that I find my comment on a question from
>>Mr. Dickens
>>copied to several lists and numberous e-mail addresses. My message was
>sent to him
>>personally and to no other e-mail address than his own. I did not intend
>for it to be
>>distributed to others.

>Dear Mr. Moore:
>. . .I decided to respond your question since neither of the above
>was closer to the truth. Before I could compose and mail my response
>I got the above message.
>My question to you (and Brother Timothy) is; under the
>circumstances, should I let everyone - who have already read
>your unfounded remarks - know the true facts or consider the
>matter as closed for further annotations and counter comments?

Whatever the alleged justification, the posting of a private message
without permission of the sender is a serious breach of netiquette; for
that matter, even a post to a list should not be forwarded to another group
without seeking permission of the original poster. Inasmuch as B-Greek is
an unmoderated List, we apparently have no way of protecting ourselves, but
it is abundantly evident that the List is being abused by non-subscribers.
I earnestly hope that this abuse may cease.

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