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From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Thu Jun 06 1996 - 15:14:16 EDT


Thanks for the response.

You wrote:

> In checking through BDF quickly, I see that there are in the NT
> instances of attraction of the relative pronoun to the case of the
> antecedent, although not, it would seem, where the relative pronoun
> is the subject of a clause.

I would appreciate a few references in readily available classical
writers where attraction involves the nominative case. I have little
exposure to Classical, and I felt intuitively that attraction
involving a subject would be bad Greek. Apparently my intuition was
incorrect, and I'd like to educate myself a bit more. I have an old
edition of Goodwin's grammar; I'll go home and check him out on this
point. If you consider his treatment adequate, you need not supply me
any more references.



P.S.--You also mentioned Marion's apparent lack of experience with
Greek. I have wondered the same thing. I suspect he's one of those
engineers who think they can figure out anything if they have a good
manual. He apparently has both A grammar and NO grammar! I hope he
isn't engineering anything upon which public saftey (or mine, at
least) depends. Interestingly, did you note his address? "Twisted
Trail." No reply necessary. I don't want to get too low into gossip.

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