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Date: Fri Jun 07 1996 - 03:46:17 EDT

D. Tinberg writes:
I am doing some study on the verb meno and find it interesting that
jesus uses the term in John 15:4. The context seems to dictate a verb
that can refer to a horticultural or agricultural process. My research
however, shows it refering to nautical experiences, traveling (by road)
experiences, referring to cities (as lasting) and living conditions (
dwelling), etc. Is there any agricultural process referred to by this

A recent article (in the last year or so) in Biliotheca Sacra dealt with
aspects of ancient viniculture and its contribution to the understanding of
the John 15 passage generally. I don't recall any reference to meno as n
agricultural term. You might check out a doctoral dissertation written by
James Rosscup at Dallas Theological Seminary on the subject of "abiding" in
John's writings. It must date from the late sixties or early seventies

Fruitful research to you!


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