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Date: Sat Jun 08 1996 - 20:42:48 EDT

In a message dated 96-06-08 11:10:34 EDT, Larry Chouinard wrote:

>I am teaching Intermediate Greek next senester and face the perenial
>question of a good second year textbook. Wallace appears to be abit of an
>overkill for undergraduates (although excellent for reading various
>sections). I am considering Young's Intermediate grammar. Has anyone used
>this grammar and care to comment on its usability for undergraduates? Or
>perhaps another grammar comes to mind? Of course, the works of Brooks
>and Winbery, Vaughan and Gideon, Moule, and Dana and Mantey have all
>been considered, and not exactly what I am looking for. I need a grammar
>that will supplement extensive readings in the NT.
>Any suggestions?

Bill Mounce's _Graded Reader of Biblical Greek_ takes an inductive approach
to intermediate Greek. The reader appeared just recently, so I haven't had
the opportunity to use it, but it sounds like it might be something you could
use. In the course of translating (more than?) 20 biblical passages, LXX and
NT, including one extracanonical source, (this is all from memory -- I
reviewed a copy a couple of weeks ago) it introduces grammatical aspects that
are discussed in an intermediate course. In fact, I recollect that it is
intended to be used as an intermediate text. It would also be an excellent
supplement to an additional text.

Robert Brindle
M.Div. Student
Instructor of NT Greek
Nazarene Theological Seminary
Kansas City, MO

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