From: Mr. Timothy T. Dickens (
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 20:27:54 EDT

Dear Brother Akbar and others,

        It is with great pleasure that I announce my latest project: a
memorabilia of brother Akbar's letters and mine.

        I have long sensed our theological endeavors leading in
somewhat the same paths. I have appreciated his acumen, candor,
gentleness and friendly attitude to engage in friendly discussion
with people of other faiths, Christians in particular. I will as of
this moment begin saving his messages, and any others that you think
would be suitable, into a folder entitled 'Akbar.'

        What I intend to do is demonstrate a
Christian-Muslim/Muslim-Christian dialogue that seeks to engender a
deeper appreciation of ones own faith as well as the faiths of
others. Through such discussions the love, respect and genuine
differences that exist due to our worldviews will not only become
clearer, but hopefully set an example to many others of the value of
ecumenical discourse.

        Finally, if any of you (including Brother Akbar) have any
previous email messages involving our discussions, please send them
back to me, so that I can begin compiling them into 'our' new

With great Peace and Love, In the Almighty's name

Timothy Tyrone Dickens
Smyrna GA
770 859-9762

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