Granville Sharp reprint

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Thu Jun 13 1996 - 07:42:12 EDT

One of my students just discovered that Granville Sharp's work on the
article has been reprinted. The info he sent me is as follows:

>Subject: Granville Sharp
>Just out of curiosity, I clicked on the advertising blurb in Webcrawler,
>which happened to be for Books. I searched their "over 1 million
>titles" and found, wonder of wonders, "Remarks on the Uses of the Definitive
>Article in the Greek Text of the New Testament: Containing Many New Proofs
>of the Divinity of Christ" by the one and only Granville Sharp!
>Published by Original Word Pub, June 1995, $17.95
>ISBN: 0962654442


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