Re: Grammars and ponies: Complete Handbook

From: Bernard Taylor (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 21:18:11 EDT

On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Davis Phillips wrote:

> I have not used it a lot, but have found it useful when I DID go look
> for a verb form that was puzzling me. (Has anyone else on b-greek used
> this book?)

I have used it extensively, and have found it invaluable. It is far more
useful than the above numbers would seem to indicate, since it excludes
all verbal prefixes. Thus it covers many moreverbs beyond the 13,000
stated, and the more difficult the form, the more likely it seems to be
that it will be listed.

I stumbled across it years ago, and have been glad. The binding of mine
left much to be desired, so I had it rebound, and it has served me well
for classical, LXX, and NT Greek studies.

Bernard Taylor

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