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On Wed, 19 Jun 1996, Kenneth Litwak wrote:

> I may be in a seminar next Spring that will focus on Hellenistic
> historiographers. This will likely include everything from Thucydides (whose
> Greek I hear is VERY tough) to Josephus and beyond. I've had three years of
> NT Greek, but I'm wondering what intro work to consult to help me prepare for this
> steeper mountain. Also, are there aids for translating these other, callsical
> Greek works? I suppose ther's not analytical lexicon for Thucydides, is there?
> Thanks.


While there is not an analytical lexicon for Thucydides, there are at
least two lexica devoted to his work. One is a two volume Lexicon, first
done in 1843 and reprinted as recently as 1961. The other work will be
most helpful since it's a Greek and English, but it's quite scarce. OCLC
shows 24 libraries as holding copies.
Here's the bibliographical info:

   AUTHOR: Betant,Elie Ami, 1803-1871.
    TITLE: Lexicon Thucydideum.
    PLACE: Hildesheim,
     YEAR: 1961 1843
   FORMAT: 2 v. 22 cm.
    NOTES: Reprint of the 1843-1847 ed. published by E. Carey, Geneva.
  SUBJECT: Thucydides -- Dictionaries, indexes, etc.

    TITLE: Lexicon Thucydidaeum:
           a dictionary, in Greek and English, of the words, phrases, and
           principal idioms, contained in the history of the Peloponniesian
           war of Thucydides.
    PLACE: London,
PUBLISHER: G.B. Whittaker,
     YEAR: 1824
   FORMAT: [328] p. 23 cm.
  SUBJECT: Thucydides -- Dictionaries, indexes, etc.


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